How to get melted plastic off stove top?

Removing melted plastic from a stovetop isn’t easy but it’s mandatory before you use your stove again. If you don’t know how to do that, you should inform yourself. It can be challenging, but if you follow some basic instructions it won’t cause you a headache. So, how to get melted plastic off stove top?

The best and the most effective way to remove melted plastic is to use baking soda and vinegar together. Make a paste from those two ingredients and heat the burner a little bit. Use a nylon scrubber to scrub it and rinse clean. Use a paper towel to wipe it for the final touch.

In this article, I’ll present to you more useful tips and tricks to get your stove back in perfect condition. You’ll find out more about some other techniques that are also effective. Read about them carefully, because you never know when you will need them.

How to get melted plastic off stove top

5 ways to get melted plastic off stove top

Plastic melts when it’s heated. But different types of plastic require different methods of removal.

Some plastics can be removed easily, but some need more persistence.

If you’re wondering what you can use to get melted plastic off the stove top, here are the 5 useful tips that might help you.

1. Ice

If you melt a larger piece of plastic on your stove, Ice might be a good solution for you. First, you need to wait for your stove to cool down completely.

Then, put a thick layer of ice over the melted plastic. Ice will make the plastic more fragile and brittle, which might help you to snap it off the stove.

2. Baking soda

For lighter layers of melted plastic, such as plastic bags, baking soda might help you. Just mix it with water and make a paste out of it.

Then, coat it over the surface and scrub it with a sponge or a nylon scrubber.

3. Vinegar

Unlike the previous two methods, if you use vinegar to remove the melted plastic, it’s required to heat up the stove, but just a little bit, until it’s safe for you to touch it.

Then, spill some vinegar over it and wait for a couple of moments to get a chemical reaction and then try to scrub it up.

4. WD-40

WD-40 is a powerful, multi-purpose abrasive agent, so it could help you to remove the plastic from your stovetop. Just spray it on the stove and wait for some time.

After a while, try to remove the plastic with a razor blade, scalpel, or a metal spatula. Do it slowly, you don’t want to damage your stovetop or to cut yourself.

5. Boiling water

Boiling water will soften the melted plastic and help it to get off the stove. It’s a slow process, so be patient.

Use a tablespoon and put some water on the edge of melted plastic, then use a knife, razor, or a scalpel to remove it. After you’re done, dry the stove with a towel.

Regardless of which method you’re using, the first and the most important thing about this process is your safety. Do your best to avoid burns and slashes.


Remove melted plastic using a Rubber scraper

When using this technique you’ll need a smaller amount of hot water to soften melted plastic a little bit.

Afterward, you can use a rubber scraper to remove softened plastic.

Make sure there is no residue left behind. When done, wipe down the stovetop completely.

Remove melted plastic using Razor Blade

It’s not hard to remove melted plastic using a rubber scraper. You should use your razor blade at an angle of 45 degrees to the glass.

Hold the blade firmly but gently against the glass while applying low pressure. Don’t apply too much force or else you’ll scratch the glass.

Get melted plastic off using Baking Soda and Vinegar

A smaller amount of melted plastic on the stovetop can be cleaned with two products you already have in your home – baking soda and vinegar.

You need to heat the burner a little, and then place a few drops of vinegar. Add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, and then mix well, you should get pasta.

Scrub with a nylon scrubber, and rinse clean. This method works great especially when removing melted plastic off a glass stovetop.

Get melted plastic off only using Baking Soda

Here is one more way of removing burnt plastic using baking soda. You should make pasta from baking soda and water and scrub it with a nylon scrubber.

For making faster results you can also warm up the stove a little bit. If you do, use safety gloves to avoid burning your fingers.

Remove burnt plastic using Mr. Clean magic eraser

One of the most efficient ways to remove burnt plastic is by using a Mr. Cleaner eraser (check price on Amazon).

To accomplish perfect results you should use the scrubbing side of the eraser and wipe away plastic.

Abrasive features of this product can also harm delicate surfaces so you need to be gentle.

How do you get melted plastic off a flat top stove?

Flat stovetops are usually the most sensitive ones so when you have a dilemma about how to get melted plastic off a flat top stove, you need to be extra careful not to damage it.

Here is a short list of DOs and DON’Ts with your flat top stove.

Boiling waterRazor blade
Baking sodaSteel brush

Common questions

How to get melted plastic off a burner?

To clean up the melted plastic on a burner, turn off the heat and remove the burner. Use cold water to wash down the burner and then wipe it dry with a cloth.

When cleaning up melted plastic, never touch anything on your stovetop until it gets completely cold as this may cause serious injury.

How to remove melted plastic from the glass top stove?

Glass stovetops are very sensitive, so when you’re in a dilemma about how to remove melted plastic from a glass top stove, you need to pay attention to not damage it.

If you have a thicker layer of plastic, the best option is to use vinegar or ice.

How to remove the melted plastic bag from the glass stove top?

Plastic bags, such as the ones from bread and other food, are the most common ones to be melted on your stove.

So if you’re figuring out how to remove the melted plastic bag from the glass stove top, our advice is to use baking soda. Just place it on the stove and scrub it with a sponge or a nylon scrubber.

How to get melted plastic off ceramic stove top?

There is more than one answer to the question: ”How to get melted plastic off ceramic stove top?” We’ll offer you four methods.

Even though it can be hard to get rid of burnt plastic, you know you need to do it before you can use the stove safely again. Pay attention to your safety and try to avoid injuries and stove damage.

How to get plastic off the electric stove top?

If you don’t know how to get plastic off the electric stove top, you need to be aware that the plastic removal process almost always involves the use of water, so before you start the process, make sure that you turn off the heater.

Otherwise, the consequences may be fatal. The removal method itself will depend on the type and thickness of melted plastic, so before you start, refer to some of the methods mentioned above.

To sum it up

If you want to keep your stove in a mint condition, you need to clean and maintain it properly and timely.

In case you accidentally melt the plastic on your stovetop, it’s not the end of the world but you need to find a proper way to clean it.

Everything depends on the type of melted plastic, so don’t make rash decisions, but clean it slowly and patiently.

Whichever method you choose, your safety comes first. Then pay attention to not damage your stove.

If you have any questions and comments about this topic, feel free to ask, we are at your disposal. Happy cleaning!  

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